Who is Pamela Robledo, influencer and youtuber fashion?


Pamela Robledo Hernandez it is a youtuber and influencer of fashion a native of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. With only 22 years of age has managed to increase its popularity in YouTube thanks to creative videos of fashion and beauty.

Currently Pamela with more than 700 thousand subscribers on YouTube and 391 thousand followers on Instagram which have cost much labor as the young man began his career in the platform videos since October of 2011.

Pamela Robledo creates videos different but its specialty is to show clothes of different brands such as Shein, Zaful, Romwe, among others. In your content shows the clothing and also makes it so that the users can see the quality of the fabric addition to any outfit already in a person may look very different, so that the Pame helps the girls decide to better your online purchases.

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Another strength of Pamela’s when she goes shopping for clothes that are cheaper as the tianguis, or has even gone to buy them at outlets in the united States and shows the prices of everything you buy, demonstrating that it is not necessary to have a lot of money to look beautiful.

Trends videos of Pame on YouTube

Pamela Robledo tested the makeup of Yuya “Dancing Together” and it was recorded for YouTube, this made him increase many followers because daily thousands of people looking for tips on whether to buy the products of the Youtuber number one from Mexico.

Another trend of Pame did was the challenge outfit with one hundred pesos of the flea market. The famous went to the flea market in Ensenada and showed his followers that you can buy without spending a fortune.