Who will it be? An unknown accompanies Maluma during the quarantine


If be isolated it is already a very difficult situation, do it alone and without any company multiply the difficulty by two. Maluma has remedied its loneliness during these days thanks to a special friend that has been presented to his followers through their networks.

With the excuse of being entertained during the confinement, the singer of ‘Happy 4’ has celebrated having reached 50 million followers rapándose the head ‘live’, the singer is one of the artists who used their hair to change of look.

It appears that the quarantine has been taken away from his latest conquest, Vivien Rubinthe beautiful model in that some believe to see the double of your ‘ex’, Natalia Barulichand due to the weight of the loneliness, the singer has resorted to an unknown that during this time he has become your best company.

The ‘supposed friend’ Maluma ‘ is nothing but a mannequin that the singer has dressed with clothes of woman, which speaks to him as if she could hear him and even gives you encouragement with expressions such as “mamacita endures”.

From his home of Medellin, Maluma thus aims to put the note of humor in this situation where the anxiety caused by the confinement so is only surpassed by the situation of those who are going through these days without any company.

Today, the video of the singer reached the figure of more than three million displays and has received comments that thank you laughter that has led to the joke in a moment as delicate as this.

The work of the singer has also been affected by the crisis of the coronavirus, the concerts that I had scheduled and from some time ago in Milan and Greece have been postponed and no new date on the horizon.

When all this is over we will be able to know if Vivien is still present in your life or if you definitely your mannequin is the only special friend in your life.