Why ‘The Walking Dead’ has had to postpone the final chapter of the tenth season

It seems that there is no part of daily life that the pandemic of the coronavirus has not touched. In addition to the social and economic effects, also the outbreak of the COVID-19 has affected the culture, as many upcoming movies and television have been delayed due to the virus and the resulting quarantine. In particular, many fans have been disappointed to hear that ‘The Walking Dead’ will not have a great finish because the last episode of the tenth season has been postponed indefinitely. Even a series that deals with the apocalypse could not have anticipated a global disaster of this scope, and the preventive measures do not allow the computer finishes the post-production of the last chapter, ‘A Certain Doom’, directed by Greg Nicotero. That’s why, as reported Comic Bookthe series will come to an end with her fifteenth chapter, ‘The Tower’, this coming 5 April. The showrunner of the series, Angela Kang, has explained the reasons behind this decision.

Danai Gurira in the tenth season of 'The Walking Dead'

“I think it’s disappointing for all of us who work in series”, Kang account EW. “They all work so hard, our post-production team, all our vendors are our partners, they were all running a race against the clock”. Despite their best efforts, the scale of the series and the technology that makes failure prevented its progress. “While everything was developing gradually worldwide, we have people throughout the world working on our visual effects, so that people had to carry their work remotely. But there are certain aspects of the post-production process that are very difficult to carry out remotely, and all that is carried remotely work slower because you have to play a few effects giant.”

Kang reminds us that the final product you see in the chapters of ‘The Walking Dead’ takes a lot of effort to meet the expectations of the series: “If you don’t know the technical language, it is like after that terminemios all, the machines would develop to create a version of nice, which is that we are in the series. It’s just that everything takes more time”.

The coronavirus against ‘The Walking Dead’

The coronavirus outbreak has not only affected ‘The Walking Dead’, but also to the two other series next to the original form the universe of this zombie apocalypse. The filming of the sixth season of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ has also been postponed and the premiere of the spin-off ‘The Walking Dead: the World Beyond’, whose first chapter was scheduled to launch on the 25th of march, also has been delayed until the end of this year.

Both Kang as the director of the final, Nicotero, have said that they are prioritizing the safety of the equipment and delivery. “Is the health and safety of all that we have in mind before anything else”, says Kang. “At some point, will premiere this amazing final, but also, I really like how it has gone the fifteenth chapter. The team did a great job. It will appear that there is some final epic and wonderful to the series. And yet that chapter was delivered at the last minute”.

Kang concludes with a promise to the fans of this series that though you may not see the last chapter for a few months, the last but not disappoint them. “In many cases, our penultimate chapter is a great chapter also, and this is true in this case”, assures us Kang. “Much is at stake for everyone involved, so that it will appear that there is danger to the people at the end. And then I am very excited that all back, and once we can finish what we are doing with the end, I am excited about that also what you see. But I hope it’s an exciting final of the season with these next few chapters.”

The penultimate chapter will be released next April 6, on Fox Spain.

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