Youtubers: meet the new girlfriend of Luisito Comunica


In twitterseveral followers of the Youtuber Luisito Comunica they started talking about the tests that verify your new romance.

And is it that time free, thanks to the quarantine by the COVID-19has led several fans to discuss certain publications of the life of the traveler, who soon began to find the new owner of your heart.

The netizens commented that Luisito Comunica has begun a loving relationship with the model Arianny Tenorio, 25 years of age, born in the state of Anzoátegui, Venezuela, but nationalized mexican.

The suspicions of the followers of the youtuber began when he shared a video to the social network of Tik Tok, it shows to Luisito in the stairs of his department, but it shows that in order to burn it I need the help of another person and in the video you can hear the voice of a mysterious woman.

That is why, he gradually identified that he, as a member of the CEA have been in the same places in the City of Mexico.

Arianny Tenorio is a graduate of conduction of the CEA of Televisa, and participates in the contest Miss Mexico City that seeks to be the representative capital in the next Miss Mexico 2020, an event that leads to Miss World.

The model has ventured into the world of social networking with success, as it has a Youtube channel and an account of Tik Tok, which is a holder of more than 1 million followers.

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In addition to the mysterious voice in the Tik Tok of Luisito, in several photos shared on the official account of Arianny Tenorio can be seen in the background, known places of the house of the youtuber, which confirms that they have shared time together during the quarantine period.

For the moment, none of the influencers has given any opinion on that, but followers insist that between these two there is something more than a friendship.