Youtubers: Operate emergency Karen Polynesia


Karen Polynesia had to have an emergency operation because of a strong pain, and his companions Polynesians accompanied at all times and documented in Youtube.

Through his latest video in Youtube, The Polynesians show the process of the emergency operation of Karen Polynesiawho had to go to the hospital for severe pain in the wisdom teeth, for which reason he underwent such an intervention.

In the video it looks like Karen Polynesia has to go through a process of fasting and taking of antibiotics before being able to go to the dentist to remove the wisdom teeth, and in fact we note as before can’t speak.

The polynesians recorded the whole process of the operation of Karen, it looks like you placed the serum, catheters, and even as the anaesthetize.

It is also possible to observe how the doctor take out the wisdom teeth to Karen Polynesia, with luxury of detail, because they did not want to miss a moment of the emergency operation of the youtuber.

The recovery of Karen Polynesia

In the documentary video of the youtubers, it looks like the famous influencer is improving after his operation, although initially she felt very affected by the anesthesia, gradually improving, and his cheeks are desinflamando.

Rafa and Leslie Polynesians had prepared for him, his sister comid to soft, vegetable game, and got ice cream for you will not go hungry after the operation, and can recover faster.

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The video of the emergency operation, Karen Polynesia is number one in trending on Youtube, and already has over 2 million views, and comments on the part of his followers, who we wish a speedy recovery to the youtuber.