A group of policemen dancing to “Baby Shark” to encourage children during the quarantine period for coronavirus


A group of police officers staged a tender and funny scene at the dance in the middle of the street, the children’s song Baby Shark, to encourage children that these days they are confined to their homes due to quarantine by the coronavirus, and can’t get out to play.

The uniformed men lit the lights of the sirens, sounded their whistles, they put the contagious song on their speakers and began to make a choreography on the entire block, to amuse both children as well as parents and grandparents, and to exhort the people to continue staying in the house to halt as soon as this pandemic.

Despite the fact that the dance may not is your forte, each noble gesture in the midst of the desolation that is lived by these days, is like an oasis in the desert. With the hands on the head, simulating the fin of a shark, the policemen gave him a moment of happiness with unforgettable not only to all the inhabitants of the block, but to all those who have seen the video.

The clip quickly became a trend on the Internet and was shared by thousands of people in the networks.

The place in which the events happened is not completely clear, because while some users will blame the police of Mallorca, in Spain, others claim that it happened in Andorra, a small independent principality located between France and Spain in the Pyrenees mountains.

The image of the police, usually not seen well by many sectors of society, is changing dramatically thanks to his work during this crisis. As with doctors, the representatives of the law have been working day and night to keep the security and have gone beyond their task to serve and protect, and have even entertained and made people laugh, to hold a little better the weeks of confinement.

His work has been essential to maintain order in the midst of a crisis so difficult and unprecedented for most of the generations.

Recently, we also saw a police officer in Spain who danced to the rhythm of a children’s song at full volume to cheer up the children of a neighborhood in the city of Almeria.

The confinement in countries such as Spain or Italy, hard hit by the crisis of the coronavirus, in addition to anxiety, is also leaving beautiful experiences and gestures of love and unity between people who, until a couple of weeks ago had not exchanged neither the good days.

Many are the musicians who have come out to their balconies to cheer the quarantine to their neighbors, or we’ve even seen a girl able to put on to sing to all your block and, of course, the poignant gestures of the nurses and doctors, that despite the exhaustion trying to give the whole coastline a joy to their patients.