Adele returns to Twitter after a year in silence


Adele, in a photo file.

Mike MarslandGetty Images

  • The interpreter urges its followers to vote in the upcoming elections.
  • Twitter welcomes you to the artist after 12 months.

    Adele not only has been shown over the years to be the queen of the music industry, but also of the social networks. Despite not being one of the ‘celeb’ more active in those platforms, when the interpreter takes the control of these platforms, you do so with forcefulness. How to forget the piece of ‘trowback’ that made the Spice Girls or the tribute to home that is mounted from Beyoncé. So, his fans had noticed some time ago that the social network Twitter had been abandoned completely by the author of ‘Hello’. Until last Tuesday, when the singer returned to the social network to transmit a necessary and important message.

    Adele urged their followers to register to vote in the next general election in the Uk which will take place on the 12th of December. A short message, but a must for all those who want to make good use of the democracy. The tweet, which has less than 24 hours, it has already been ‘likeado’ more than 30 thousand times.

    “Don’t forget to register to vote before today at midnight in the Uk”.

    Despite of this celebrated raid, we have to acknowledge that Twitter is not the social platform of choice of the performer, that is —with difference— Instagram. It is from that snapshot and ‘stories’ where we have a day that will be to your impending new musical work, in addition to being the space where you are honest with your followers:

    “I have fulfilled 31… thank God. The 30 have been very hard, but I am doing everything possible to learn from what happened. No matter how long we are here, life is constant and complicated at times. I have changed a lot throughout these years and continue to do so. 31 are going to be a great year, I’m going to focus completely on me”.