Anuel AA and Karol G belie he criticized Bad Bunny by his video clip, “I dirty dancing Alone”


At the end of last week, Anuel AA gave what to talk about on the social networks with a series of publications in the stories of Instagram that included strong statements to some of its peers in the genre urban, without giving any names in particular, who are addressed as “weird, silly, and hypocritical”.

Many thought that these messages could be targeted towards Bad Bunnyto whom Anuel not named in your list of friends. In addition, these darts coincided with the launch of the video clip I dirty dancing, single, in which the Rabbit Bad dressed as a woman to send a feminist message.

In response to these speculations, the ‘bebesito’ decided to settle that it was just Bad Bunny with a tweet in which he said: “What has that to do my history with the video Bad? Calm, to the next I make a map and a drawing to better understand the message.”

And while some were more peaceful to know that the friendship between the two puerto ricans was intact, began to circulate a few alleged tweets by Karol G, in which it criticised the LGBT community.

“He and I are accustomed to an atmosphere conservative, see things like that is shocking. If you were born a man you’re a man, so you use long nails or you get implants, you’re still a man”, said one of the alleged tweet from the colombian in reference to the video clip of the interpreter Callaíta.

These words would have been edited, explained herself through the various messages he posted on Twitter, where he made it clear that the messages were false.

“What unemployed people doing tweets fake? Never were words of mine! Never in my life have I had a problem with anyone or their race or their sexual inclination. EVER. And sorry this in front of an artist that I admire as much as @sanbenito RESPECT!”, said angry, before a posting a picture with the flag of pride. “For if you forgot!”, he exclaimed.

Anuel AA also came out in defense of his fiancée, and shared assumptions message edited ensuring that they are false.

“What now you are going to invent this Karol? What editing photos for harm?”, he wrote next to the catch.

In addition, it is also viralizaron other messages Anuel AA criticizing Bad Bunny, which would have also been edited according to the interpreter of China.