Barbara de Regil tried to open a bottle with the teeth I Wanted a shot!


Barbara de Regil is enjoying the quarantine in his house with his family. However, the actress of TV Azteca, like many other celebrities, it has begun to be a great creator of content of the application videos Tik Tokon this occasion the influencer showed how by wanting to drink a shot, you try to open a bottle with your teeth.

In the video Barbara de Regilappears the actress of 32 years, combed with a pair of pigtails imitating a girl. But the funny thing about the images is that the artist tried to open a bottle of wine with teeth. According to her (or rather, the lipsync) what the “mini Barbara” was trying to do was to drink a shot.

The entertaining video of Barbara de Regil in Tik Tok already has more than 200 thousand copies, more than 30 thousand likes and hundreds of comments on the part of his audience. Fans of the actress and influencer love when the famous makes this kind of clips funny imitating scenes of comedy or that have become viral on the internet.

Barbara de Regil in Tik Tok

The platform Tik Tok it has become too popular now that people are in quarantine for pandemic Coronavirus. So the actress Barbara de Regil not want to be left behind, and is one of the celebrities of TV Azteca that more content goes up to this platform. From videos, random and funny, right up to its famous exercise routines.

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For this reason, the interpreter of “Rosary Scissors” because you have so far 2.4 million followers. While in your account of Instagram account with 6 million followers. Internet users enjoy to see the beauty and talent of Barbara de Regil on the social networks, where it shows how multi-faceted they can be.