“Beware for the hurricane season that is in a few months”


The comedian cuban Otto Ortiz shared a nice video in your profile of Facebook, in which he sent a message to the popular meteorologist cuban Dr. José Rubiera, each night offers the section of the part of the island time on the broadcast-star of the National News Television in the country.

Before the health crisis that live in Cuba by the spread of COVID – 19the comedian asked the teacher to please keep her home, and then the quarantine to avoid spread of coronavirus. The artist claimed that all cubans need it in a perfect state of health to take command of the weather reports that insurance will be issued on the small screen during the upcoming hurricane season that is coming.

“Today in the news, as always, the meteorological section, and Dr. Rubiera gave the forecast of morning,” he said Otto Ortiz. Then, the actor asked Rubiera to bow out for the moment, since it was not necessary to know the state of the time, because the “people are not going to leave.”

“Doctor, professor, rest, beware for the hurricane season that is in a few months. People are not going to quit, don’t give the part of the time, if there is sun, if there is rain, if you already said, you can not leave, can not go to the beach”, “be careful doctor, we need it in a few months”, he concluded.

The recommendations of Otto Ortiz to the Dr. José Rubiera they were very well taken and applauded by many of his followers, who agree that the meteorologist should not spread of coronavirus. In addition, some fans have been alluding to the age of the teacher, who is between the range of high risk to a possible contagion.

“What’s funny, but you have all the reason”, “it Is true, Rubiera you have to enclose it catches the pandemic”, “If something happens who is going to talk about the cyclones, doctor go to make the quarantine” or “we Need to Rubiera for a while”, are some of the comments that you have left the comedian in the publication of the video.