Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, as she is the daughter of the shilon: identical with the dad


Remember the flight, how many children you have, between natural and adopted, the ex-spouse, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, each time it seems a mission impossible. Between these, there is Shiloh, the small girl “gender variant”most famous Hollywood: we will see how it is today..

The first biological daughter

Brad and Angelina, the couple of broke speech of the Us cinema in recent years, of children, it has a total of 6: three adopted and three natural.

27. may 2006 Africa, South-and West Europe, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were birth parents of Shiloh Nouvel. The lovely Angelina, who gave birth to, Namibia and two years later in nice, as she gave birth to twins Knox and Vivienne. In part three, the former clan-Brad-Angelina’s adopted children Maddox Chivana child from Cambodia, Zahara Marley a girl from Ethiopia, born on 8. in January 2005, and Pax Thiena child in Vietnam, born on the 29. november 2003.

But the talk of that since the first years of childhood, is the latest fourteen-year-old Shiolhcalled John (hate to call itself, with his true name).

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The copy of the father, Brad

Shiloh is the copy of the father: blonde, blue eyes, and full lips. Would be beautiful clothes women would not be because the girl was never in the rule in connection with his gender.

Shiloh is in fact officially the daughter “gender variant” Brad and Angelina, because she dresses and behaves like a male. His parents, who never fights his nature, not theonce hiddenis , because it is true that the desire of the girl, a man, was always it popped in the first page of tabloids around the world. Also, because Shiloh on red carpetshe was always masculine, with trousers, ties and tuxedos.

With the support of the parents

Angelina had just said about them: “I don’t forzerò never be my children what it is. Me and Brad, we will let you free and we respect your decisions.Shiloh, the cut we had to your hair and buy clothes, by male. Probably one of his brothers.“

According to experts, the variance of gender in the children, speak soon, from the three and 4 years, and it is not recommended to punish you, to do the “your way”. Only a small percentage of this “behavior” in adulthood: in this case, it is recommended that the path of the transaction by the hormonal treatment.

The treatments hormonal

The media in reference to the daughter of Angelina and Brad have begun to circulate the message that the girl had, with the consent of the parents, the made, a hormone started treatment for menstrual block, and start to make his way in the transformation to small boys. To reveal, the beginning of the hormone treatment, the French Agency AFP, in the vicinity of the former Hollywood couple. The message was then refuted.

Today Shiloh Jolie Pitt about his last name key, is a fourteen-year-old as young and makes a living as all the boys and girls her age, as you can see in the profile of the Instagram.

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