BTS: Well look like the WOMEN every one of the idols What fun!


The boys of BTS do not cease to surprise the ARMY, and therefore in some cases have been subjected to difficult challenges that have had to meet, but not only that, but also have fulfilled dreams or to have had to dress up as a woman.

Yes, as well as what you read, the boys of BTS, within their challenges have had to comply with their punishment but they have no problem in showing that even with a wig and some outfits are still lovely and beautiful, that’s why here we present you with their best poses.

The lead singer could pass as any girl dorama, it could even be the villain or girl popular history thanks to its appearance and it is up to Maid Anime, since it has also been disguised as the famous waitresses that appear in the animes, showing a look that’s too cute.



No one can resist Taehyung being a fairy or a princess lovable Disney like snow White gives it a touch much more fun, without a doubt, your personality has a lot of magic, and on both occasions was very tender.


Jimin is another of the idols that was transformed into an anime character, was also a maid’s very pretty, with what has delighted the boys of the ARMY.


This idol could pass for one of them thanks to your look refined, because Hoseok looks very sure of himself and has that dark aura and strong.


For his part, Jin, thanks to his stature, this type of dress did look amazing, but it’s all due to a challenge that had to be fulfilled: run on treadmill with the dress since, with that amused them both to the ARMY, because if it is hard to exercise, imagine not being able to move very well the legs.

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The leader of BTS has been shown as a super heroine has saved the ARMY thanks to his words and speech of self-love, but also transformed into a heroine, literally, the idol had to dress up as one of the super girls most popular: Serena from Sailor Moon.