Carlos Rivera, and the moving story of what he did to get out of The Academy


Carlos Rivera it is one of the most famous singers in Mexico at present, however, there was not always a luxury, and stadiums filled, in fact, comes from a very humble family, originating in Tlaxcala.

When I was going to enter The Academythe singer was about to graduate from high school, and once told him, that as he was come, they asked him for a list of “useful” to be able to go, among them basic accessories such as pants or tennis.

However, the interpreter of “I’m dying” did not have the money to buy those clothes, and only had a pants that was used for the school, so that her older sister gave her the money for the rent of your apartment so that it can be bought what I needed and so go for the first place in the reality show of Tv Azteca.

What did Carlos Rivera with the prize?

To earn The Academy, in accordance with the former protagonist of The Lion King, did no more than to thank her sister for support in order to enter the contest, so that Carlos Rivera did not only returned the money, but bought him a department, so you’ll never have to pay rent.

In addition, he was paid the whole of the race to his sister, so that she could achieve her dreams as the singer of “Only you” did in its time.

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The years have passed, and Carlos Rivera today is a very privileged, surely you can buy all the pants you want to, and not to think of his family, his career in music not only has helped to improve economically, but also to support and think of others.