Chris Perez breaks his promise to Selena 27 years ago

Chris Perez, who is known in the middle of the show for having been the husband of Selena Quintanilla, has been able to capture the attention of social networks to confess that has broken an important promise he did to the deceased singer makes more than 27 years.

And today this news turns to be the trend of social networks due to the celebration of the twenty-fifth death anniversary of Selena Quintanilla, who in life was able to be consecrated as one of the popular singers of the decade of the 90’s.

It turns out that the April 2 Chris Perez wanted to share an emotional message on Instagram to commemorate the memory of Selena Quintanilla, because at that date had served 27 years of uniting your life to the life of the singer, whom he met inside of the band where both were part.

Chris Perez breaks his promise to Selena for already 27 years.

Chris Perez dedicates emotional message to Selena Quintanilla

Chris Perez was surprised by all the users of the social networks by sharing an emotional and unprecedented photograph on Instagram, which said that it was a promise he had made to Selena Quintanilla not to make it public but today has wanted to break.

  • “A long time ago… I promised the person who gave me this photo not to publish it in social networks. After all, I believe that it is important to keep the things that are important to me… it Is an amazing picture, and represents the things in life most important to me: life, love, music, and most importantly, loyalty.”

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Chris Perez breaks his promise to Selena for already 27 years.

The photograph shows Chris Perez playing the guitar and Selena Quintanilla appears giving you the back in which it can be assumed that it was one of the concerts that they performed together to put to sing and dance to his fans with the big hits that characterized it.

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