Cubans sing from balconies and rooftops in Havana in isolation by the coronavirus


There are several cubans who have been willing to sing from their balconies or roofs for their neighbors, in the middle of the required isolation which is maintained by the epidemic of coronavirus.

Yesterday at 9 in the evening, when many were clapping to thank the medical staff that is battling the pandemic on the Island, the young cuban singer Mariela Dieguez Santana sang from the roof of his house in Casino Deportivo in Havana.

“It is a tribute to the thousands of doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and services that are located in Cuba and in dissimilar parts of the world, in the fight against the coronavirus COVID-19,” he said in social networks the user Jesus Ismael Irsula Peña, who shared the images.

The young man sang the lyrics to the theme “What do I do with the song,” Pedro Romero in the middle of the havana night, while her neighbours were listening from their homes.

“Another round of applause round closed the night convidándonos to stay home with the conviction that this battle also we will win,” said Peña.

For his part, the young cuban Ivan Barrios of Havana, she sang from her balcony to the song “What is past is past”, of José José.

While singing, the young man greets his neighbors to thank for this gesture.

“And what better than before the necessary social isolation the delight of the neighbors completely a cappella and the entire lung,” said Barrios.

“Viva Cuba, five”, he was heard to say at the end.

As he said, he sang a second song, this time “The Sad”, also from joseph Joseph, at the request of his audience, who enjoyed the first.

In the midst of so much anguish for the pandemic that has hit almost all countries of the world, music has been one of the ways of expressing solidarity and hope. In Spain and Italy was where you first took the initiative to sing and clap as a tribute to the medical personnel to combat this epidemic.

As well, several have been the people who have sung songs to thank, as the cuban Rafaela of the Charity, Santana Rodriguez, better known as Cachita, who, from his home in Bilbao, northern Spain, went out to his terrace with microphone in hand to give a little joy to their neighbors and to put his granite of sand to the campaign #QuédateEnCasa.

On the Island, a town crier invented a song to the coronavirus and to the difficult situation at the global level because of the spread of the pandemic.

For his part, the young cuban artist Leslie Guzman also joined the initiative of singing in the social networks to entertain the hundreds of users who are currently in their households quarantined due to the spread of the coronavirus.

This Wednesday, the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) reported 16 new cases of coronavirus in the country, bringing the total number to 186.

Up to the moment in Cuba are admitted for clinical surveillance – epidemiological, in the isolation centres and care created with this purpose, 2 billion, 837; of them, 73 foreigners, and 2 thousand 764 cubans.