Don Maluma crying! (Natalia Barulich) The video that paralyzes Colombia


Maluma and Natalia Barulich

September 02, 2019
(17:09 CET)

Everyone wants to be a Maluma, no one wants to miss one of their concerts. In a matter of hours hangs the poster sold out. It has become a great success at the international level. This has always been one of his biggest dreams, but not the only one. Maluma wants something more away from reaching the goal of his career.

This week you have dropped a tear after achieving one of his last dreams. “I remember about 8 years ago when I went to do an interview on a radio station X in Colombia, I closed the doors, apart from that, I believed in me, and many said that he was not going to get anywhere…”has recalled about its beginnings.

Maluma has shown with hard work and dedication that you can achieve the dreams. Even those who in their time closed the doors sure by now they would be happy to abrírselas. “Partners, now we are going to get away!!!!!!”, added next to the video that has been shared in networks as evidence of a new dream fulfilled, “welcome to ‘Royalty Air’, with this we touch the Moon”.

Maluma has his first private plane, a luxury at the reach of very few. You will not have to handle last minute cancellations, delays, fans in the queue, shipments, be two hours before at the airport and have to wait for your suitcase of the tape. After this big dream achieved, Maluma has wanted to launch a message on your social networks with a lot of positivism.

“Dream without fear, never believe in a NO answer, you are the rudder of your life and can get to the point where your mind and heart want to,”, transmitting. “This is my legacy, to inspire and show that dreams really do come true!!!”, ended by saying that no one give up and pursue what you want.