drugs, infidelity and a happy ending


When Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber they married by surprise in New York in an act of impromptu rebellion loving, we thought that never we would see the couple pass by the altar again, but the couple will be again the ‘yes, I want’, this time in a religious ceremony, and, after a farewell single for the all-high, along to family and friends in South Carolina.

Last Friday, the singer released a photo of when they met in 2009 with a simple message: “My wife and me. Where it all began”. Their faces make it clear that back then they were only a couple of children, but after ten years have passed together all kinds of trouble and rumors to convert a relationship for which no one was betting on something solid.

I started to take drugs frequently at the age of 19 and abusé of all of my relationships. I became a resentful, in a disrespectful to women, and I was angry,” admitted the singer recently, referring to his controversial engagement with Selena Gomez.

But Bieber is a new man since in July last year he proposed marriage in the Bahamas to Baldwin, backing you then as is your custom with a text on Instagram talking about love, commitment, integrity and the Holy Spirit. In September, marry in New York with a simple visit to the courthouse to collect your marriage license, without family or friends and without a prenuptial agreement.

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Though the couple met a decade ago, when Steve Baldwin, brother of Alec and father of Hayley, I was in the backstage of a tv program. But it was not until 2016 that these two became a couple, something they proved by sharing a picture of the two kissing. “We do not have an exclusive relationship”, said Baldwin then to E! News.

The young couple, in a recent photo. (Getty)
The young couple, in a recent photo. (Getty)

Something that was demonstrated six months later when both of you broke and the singer began to go out with Sophia Richie. The two were left to continue in the networks and they would be together until much later. During that time, Bieber even regained its old and stormy love with Selena Gomezthat break definitely in march 2018.

Justin and Hailey in the 'Vogue' march of 2019.
Justin and Hailey in the ‘Vogue’ march of 2019.

But as love always gives way, in June last year I photographed them back together, and caring attitude. Soon came the news of the engagement, rumors of “lack of trust between both, depression and a supposed relapse of Bieber on drugs, his secret wedding to civil, a cover joint to ‘Vogue’, that famous serenade in the palace of Buckingham…

And now, between loving messages such as “every day I fall in love with more of you. You’re the best thing that has happened to me, I would be lost without you”, finally arrives to your wedding for everything high. What will be the final or we will see a new case Miley&Liam?