During the quarantine. “You are shameful”. Paz Padilla calla


31 march 2020
(11:20 CET)

The coronavirus is destroying everything that lies in its path. In Spain has already claimed the lives of over 8,000 people. But it is not the only thing. This disease will leave scars all over the world. The greatest health crisis of the story will result in a few weeks in the biggest economic crisis. Many companies and self-employed will be indebted up to the neck. Others may want the closure of their small businesses after these months without generating income. Some of you will lose until your summer vacation accordingly. Life is not going to go back to normal for a lot of us to go out to the street.


Paz Padilla has turned in the fight against the coronavirus. Not only donating money to as many personalities, but by creating a sweat shop for the manufacture of masks and donate them to hospitals. A gesture applauded, however others have taken all the criticism for wanting to do business in these times so hard. It is the case of Raquel Bollo, ex-partner of the province of cadiz.

Bun decided to leave Save me and venturing into a new professional stage. Managed to bring to light a project that made him very excited. It was to release several collections of jewels. Your business idea is working and giving their benefits. Since I started with this project has taken a total of four collections, all designed by herself. Fresh, Reborn, Light, Life and 7 life.

In their social networks can’t stop talking about these gems so that their followers come with them. Raquel Bollo has the luck that you can continue selling your jewelry online. Are of the few works that have not been affected. Many have criticized them for wanting to capitalize in these moments. “You’re disgusting”, I say. “What is with such of enter money”.

However, they also wanted to bring to your side in solidarity by putting in place a marketing strategy to encourage your followers to keep buying their products. It gives all their products a discount of 20%:

raquel bollo discount jewelry