EE.UU proposes a democratic transition in Venezuela without Mature or Guaidó


The united states has proposed to Venezuela a framework for the democratic transition in that country without a dictator Nicolas Maduro or acting chairman John Guaidó, details the Department of State in the midst of the global crisis by the coronavirus. The initiative includes other countries and to the international community that will support the new government.

The Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, asked both to Mature as Guaidó be set aside for that in Venezuela held a new election within a period of 6 to 12 months.

The roadmap proposed by the State Department for Venezuela requested that all members of the National Assembly (AN), again without charge, the immediate release of the political prisoners, the withdrawal of all foreign forces from the country and that all the political parties to reach an agreement to restore the main democratic institutions of Venezuela.

In addition, it must dissolve the National Constituent Assembly, the National Electoral Council and establishing a new State Council that will be transitional until elections, which can be presented to any citizen of venezuela, as established in the 1999 Constitution.

Both the united States and the European Union are willing to lift the sanctions to all the high offices of chavez and former members if they accept this plan.

The formula proposed Washington is that “each party or coalition of parties with a 25% or more of members of the National Assembly select two members of the Council of State, one of whom must be a governor of the state.”

These four members of the Council of State shall be selected “by a fifth member, who shall be the Secretary-General, and that is serving as interim President until the elections and are not allowed to be candidates for president in the elections”. None of them can be a member of the AN or of the Superior Court of Justice (TSJ).

The new Council of State will take decisions by a majority and will have a military advisor who will be a member of the National Armed Forces of Venezuela (FANB).

“Once that is established the Council of State and the security forces of foreign have gone (unless approved by a 3/4 vote at AN), suspended the sanctions of the united States against the Government of Venezuela, PDVSA and the oil sector,” says the State Department.

John Guaidó accepted the proposal of USA

Guaidó said in a tweet that already was in contact with Pompeo and thanked the support for “the formation of an Emergency Government and State Council to solve the crisis”.

“Now that the usurper should assume their responsibility and accept the offer that has been made by the international community. Several of his followers have understood that it is the only option to overcome crisis. And we will do everything to preserve the life of our people,” said this politician.

The international community is committed to providing “humanitarian support, and electoral, governance, development, security and economic, with an initial focus particularly on the health care system, the supply of water and electricity”.

Both the World Bank, the IMF, and the inter-American Development Bank supported this initiative, which will continue with existing social programmes, but only if it is for all citizens.

The proposal calls for the creation of a Commission of Truth and Reconciliation to investigate acts of violence since the arrival of the late Hugo Chavez to power in Venezuela in 1999. This will have five members, who shall be selected by the Secretary-General of the United Nations with the approval of the new Council of State, and must report on the liability of the accused and the rehabilitation of the families.

The na will approve an amnesty law, but that does not include the crimes against humanity.

Once held the new elections in Venezuela, with the approval of international observers, EE. UU. is committed to remove the remaining sanctions that south american country.

“The military high command (Defense Minister, Deputy Defense minister, Commander of the CEOFANB and Heads of Service) remains in place during the transitional government. The state or local authorities remain in force during the period of transition,” adds the quoted text.

Up to the close of this news, Maduro did not refer to this proposal from Washington for a democratic transition in their country. The leader chavez takes from the last week denounced a supposed coup d’etat against him and his dome.

The Department of Justice has already offered to rewards millionaires by Maduro and other senior officials of his government as Diosdado Cabello, who accused him of narco-terrorism.

The state-owned oil Russian Rosneft ceased its operations in Venezuela in order to avoid sanctions from the US.