Emilia Clarke offers a dinner virtual to their fans to combat the coronavirus


Twelve lucky ones will have the opportunity to dine with the very Mother of Dragons to fight together the coronavirus. The actress of ‘Game of Thrones’, Emilia Clarke, revealed some time ago that during the first days of shooting the series suffered from two brain aneurysms, therefore, decided to found SameYou, a charity Organization that helps those in need recover from brain injuries and strokes.

  Emilia Clarke

Taking advantage of that you have this Organization, Clarke has asked his fans to donate money through it to enable a large number of beds for patients with coronavirusit , and those who are hospitalized for brain injuries can continue the treatment in their homes, freeing their beds for those affected by the pandemic. Among all donors, the actress will choose twelve with which to carry out a dinner virtual, “Cocinaremos together, eat lunch together, and we’ll talk of many things: isolation, and fear, and also funny videos. In addition, you already know that I don’t know to cook, so it’s going to be fun”said Clarke through a posting on Instagram:

“¡¡¡Use the same background for the coronavirus!!! From my cabin insulation I am writing to ask you for help! Due to the current alarming emergence of coronavirus, not to change it, please help me to raise 250,000 pounds via the link on my biography to provide patients with stroke and brain injury support essential. This fund will also help to free up the beds needed for the hospital to cope with the pandemic, to cater to those who also need a space to heal. (…)”.

“We are creating a clinic of virtual rehabilitation for survivors of brain injuries have a place to go to, and a place where you feel safe and not feel alone and isolatedwhat I think is good. We need to do everything possible to free up as many beds as possible,”added Clarke. The initiative is associated with the Hospital Rehabilitation Spaulding, Massachusetts, and the University college Hospital of London.

I gave you my heart

The last time we saw Emilia Clarke was in theaters with ‘Last Christmas’that has come out recently on sale.