Emily Ratajkowski does with him in front of the mirror in the TOILET (and record it on video)


April 01, 2020
(13:19 CET)

Fans of Emily Ratajkowski they know very well that, when they enter in your account of Instagram, sure the model has prepared any surprise. And more so in a period of quarantine in which, of course, the consumption of social networking has soared.

Emily knows this and that is why, taking advantage that their photos will now have a greater impact in the media than ever before, take the opportunity to make campaigns with the different brands with which it works.

Just a few days ago we saw in one of those campaigns of a brand of wine canned Emily appeared in the bath together one of his best friend and also celebrity Josh Ostrovsky promoting the drink in question.

The dance of Emily Ratajkowski

A campaign now has a following. We continue, yes, in the sink, although in this case the two appear in the clothes and in front of the mirror. With the excuse of promoting this unique wine, Emily and Josh carry out one of the phenomena of viral these past times: dancing, and exchanged the dress.

A video that has appeared in the stories of the model american and that, as expected, has not made another thing that petarlo. And a lot of. And is that all that is to see Ratajkowski wearing outfits daring and dancing is synonymous with visits, as she well knows.

Emily Ratajkowski

While it is true that neither the photo in the bathtub or this video have had the success that was one of her recent photos in which he appeared without any clothes on behind a curtain, sure that the makers of the brand will be more than happy.

And more in an era in which, surely, because of all the problems that is causing the coronavirus, its sales is not going to increase. On the contrary. To do so, you have come Emily and Josh to the rescue. And in what way.