End their relationship (and it is not Adara Miller). Mila Ximénez and all Save me know

31 march 2020
(13:52 CET)

The quarantine is destroying thousands of families. Infections and deaths are increasing considerably. But in addition they also bring in separations. There are many couples that are living in confinement together, and this would be agobiándoles to the point of taking the decision to separate. After the break-up of Adara and Gianmarco, with the corresponding escape of he to Italy, ahor another couple has given the big surprise.

Violet Mangriñán and Fabio would have suffered a crisis when it is about to be fulfilled a year of dating. The contestant of Survivors, published in their social networks in enigmatic message that concerned their followers. “There is No better teacher than the disappointment,” wrote la valenciana.

Fabio and VioletThe influencer surprised the stop to keep the Italian in social networks. A decision he regretted the next day. For his part, Fabio keeps all the photos with her on Instagram and also follow them. A news story that is surprising since two days ago, they shared management and videos of this quarantine every day. Violet confessed in a video that their relationship will come out stronger after this closure.


By the time Violet Mangriñán not have deleted your photographs from Instagram, so it is more likely to be a crisis to a final rupture. A couple of weeks ago, in MYHYV, Violet confessed that Fabio had been unfaithful to the start of the relationship of both. “For me it was very strong to accept it and deal with it. After what happened we went to therapy, I have never sold a relationship idyllic. I am not ashamed of anything”acknowledged.

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