Erika Buenfil defends those who criticize it for being TikToker


Erika Buenfilrecognized actress in the mexican television, has managed to become the current queen of the TikTok but it seems that the funny videos that you share on this platform are not to the liking of all people and although he has received harsh criticism in their social networks, today has shown that not stop anyone.

The popularity of Erika Buenfil in TikTok has been able to grow in an impressive manner during the last few days and its fun content that you share from your official account has allowed the actress to exceed 3.4 million followers, a figure that continues to rise.

But the success that Erika Buenfil is having on TikTok it seems to be not to the liking of some users, who have strongly condemned against the actress by ensuring that is already too large to make inroads into applications that are intended for younger people.

Erika Buenfil defends those who criticize it for being TikToker.

Erika Buenfil makes it very quiet their haters

And although there are several criticisms that you receive Erika Buenfil on social networks, it seems that the famous actress will not let anybody or at least, that has been shown today as it has responded to an internet user, who claimed that it felt ugly to see her starring in videos in TikTok.

But the unexpected happened, as Erika Buenfil answered him, telling him that it was not required to view it, you simply ignore the content that you share on TikTok and no, the user never came back to respond and their fans celebrated the professional manner in which he responded to the harsh criticism that his critics made against him.

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And although everything seemed to indicate that the fight had ended in that moment, Erika Buenfil wanted to finish the fight with a fun TikTok which has caused rage among her fans where in a fun way, I assure you that you will continue with your career as a TikToker.

Photos: Instagram @erikabuenfil50 and Televisa