Esther Expósito (Elite) to lower the pants and you will see that! (and the photo is from behind)


April 01, 2020
(14:10 CET)

Esther Expósito has gone from being a complete unknown to being one of the main phenomena fan in our country. And is that with just 20 years, madrid has become a star thanks to his role on the popular series of Netflix Elite.

A series that, since then, and as she herself has recognized on more than one occasion, has changed his life. And that is that we just need to keep an eye on your number of followers in Instagram to realize the impact media that has the interpreter.

Are neither more nor less than 14.6 million followers which builds up this young actress. Followers that, as expected, are not satisfied only with his official account.

While Estheras a millennial that is, they often share photos and videos of very regular, their most loyal fans have chosen to create various parallel accounts in the said social network to publish their best photos and their best videos.

The photo of Esther Expósito

And one of the last that has appeared in one of these parallel accounts has left many comments to your step. Among other things, because in it we see Expósito in ‘sensual’.

A photo in which the actress appears with the pants a little down exposing his underwear. And of course, taking into account that many consider to Esther as one of the actresses more “sensual and beautiful” at the time, the likes and the views have shot up.

Get more of Over 21,000 likes it is not easy, and least in one of the accounts is not official Expósitotherefore it is evident that the photo in question liked, and much, to those who follow the day-to-day of the interpreter.

In fact, there are few who would expect that Expósito repeat one posed well and hang it up in your main account. If you do so, since then, the likes will skyrocket.