Esther Expósito lights up Instagram with a “dirty dancing” intense ¡super sexy!


Esther Expósito managed to leave breathless to his followers in Instagram and to several internet users, after he published one of his videos most sensual, where the Spanish actress showed their desire of “dirty dancing,” intense right after the contingency.

In this video we can see Esther Exposito singing to the rhythm of reggaeton and with an attitude completely sensual that already characterizes this Spanish actress. A video that managed to turn all of his followers in Instagram.

It is worth mentioning that Esther Expósito took his great leap to fame thanks to his participation in one of the most popular series of Netflix’s “Elite”, where he gave life to the beautiful and sensual Carla Rosón, also known as the “jerk”.

Esther Expósito turns on Instagram

The great success of the series Elite, it also helped that Esther Expósito is placed as one of the artists with the most popularity on social networks, where in your account of Instagram, we can see that exceeds the 14.6 million followers.

So it was expected that this sensuous video of the Spanish actress would cause an uproar on Instagram, because in less than an hour, this publication now carries more than 2.7 million views, 1.3 million likes and thousands of comments by their followers.

Esther Expósito confesses his desire to “perrear”

In this video, the actress also spoke about his want to “perrear” as soon as you finish the contingency because of the pandemic of Covid-19, the reason for which thousands of people have remained in total social isolation.

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And Esther Expósito is one of the famous that it has fulfilled to the letter the quarantine to combat the Coronavirus. However at the beginning of the year, this actress had the opportunity to know our country, where he was seen enjoying the beaches of Tulum next to the actor Alejandro Speitzer.