Even there is love! Catch Selena Gomez stalkeando Justin Bieber


Yes! The love triangle between Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber is far from reaching its end, and although, it has been the same Selena who has declared that he wants to leave that chapter of her life in the past, everything indicates the oppositebecause the interpreter ‘Lose you to love me’ was caught by the followers of the canadian while gave it a ‘like’ to a publication of it without a shirt on!

And that was not all… as the ex-star of Disney also ‘likeó’ other publication in which it appears next to Justin when they both still maintained a relationship. It is worth mentioning that these photographs were uploaded just four days ago, which indicates that the interpreter ‘Look at her now’ was looking at pictures of your ex-partner on Instagram.

As expected, the capture of such actions will have turned around the entire internet, so that users of social networks have not hesitated to express that the quarantine is not doing anything good to Selena, since the has led to fall back into its old love.

¡Selena Gomez still listen to the songs of Justin!

And even if Hailey will like that the story ended here, what is certain is that it was not so, because after you caught the singer giving ‘like’ to several photographs of the canadian, it was caught listening to ‘That should be me’, song belonging to the album ‘My World’, 2011’s Justin Bieber, in which, highlighted phrases as “Do you already forgot all the plans we had made? Because I don’t.” and “It should be me who is holding your hand.”

With this there is no more doubt since, although Selena Gomez try to turn the page, it is more than clear that it has not been easy to overcome their relationship of nearly ten years with the husband of Hailey Baldwin.