Former host of the program “Today” makes it tremendous rudeness to Jacky Bracamontes


The presenting of the television program “Net Divine”, they have resorted to social networks to make the transmission of the programme, but apparently a former host of the morning “Today” you made the ugly Jacky Bracamontes.

We recall that due to the contingency of the disease, the coronavirus, the project production of entertainment, he opted for doing the program with the drivers from their homes to prevent the spread of the virus.

But apparently in one of the links of “Net Divine”, Natalia Téllez, who was part of the morning of Televisa made a few gestures of unexpected, when I was talking Bracamontes; the users have opined about it.

Jacky Bracamontes was telling a story that he lived, because he has had to get creative so that their daughters do not get the disease, but from time to time the camera focused on the driver making faces at his companion.

And is that internet users have commented that this is not the first time that they observe the attitude of Natalia Téllez when your partner participates in the program of television, because apparently the cameras have captured the footage of the former host of the program “Today”.

Remember that the presenter had formed part of the morning program “Today”, but from one moment to the other the driver was ausentándose of the program, some speculated that he had disagreements with Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta, but apparently the presenter had other work plans.

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While the driver and the mexican actress Jacky Bracamontes, ceased to participate in the telenovelas of Televisa, and he preferred to devote himself to his family, although he currently enjoys being part of the program “Net Divine”, although on some occasions it has been invited to conduct some special programs.

Photo: Instagram.