From teen idol to pop star: so Ariana Grande has equalled the Beatles (not without controversy) that The Press


A phoenix that rises again from the ashes. However, that is completely different. More mature and aware, but irremediably marked by sores that do not disappear, ever. Ariana Grande after the attack during a concert in Manchester, the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller – who died of an overdose at only twenty-six years – and the end of the relationship with Pete Davidson (star of the Saturday Night Livethat at a certain point he had even suggested to marry), is no longer the teen idol of the superficial and carefree with the pony tail and bunny ears. And even if the look is not changed, has changed his approach to music. Thank U, Next,the last disc, is the catharsis of the queen bee sad the reborn pop star. Even if the words spoken to The Late Late Show (“I usually don’t have to do that to create songs and try out. And this is all”) suggest that the way out of pain is far away, the young singer has put in the game and it is set in the top of the charts all over the world telling her the truth (from ex-boyfriends to the desire to make the feast, in spite of everything).

Each of the twelve songs tells a part of the life of Ariana. In ghosting apologizes to a guy (who knows, maybe Pete Davidson) for not being the perfect girl, and confesses that he is in your heart another (let’s assume Mac Miller). In Break up with you’re girlfriend, I’m bored (it is not a case that it’s the track that closes the disc), you can rediscover as a normal twenty-year-old who just wants to have fun. Musically it goes from pieces perfect for romping ballads intimate. There is a little bit of everything, great sensuality, and girl power. So Ariana Grande has managed to match the Beatles, winning the first three position of the most important chart in the us. Took all the podium of the 100 songs that are most listened to in the Usa, with 7 Rings, Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored and Thank U, Next,. The last time it happened 55 years ago, in 1964, when the Fab Four set the same record with Ca t Buy Me Love, Twist and Shout and Do You Want to Know a Secret. Ariana, however, is the first artist to do this alone (among other things, the album debuted at the top of iTunes in 53 Countries, including Italy). “I can’t believe that is true,” commented her on social – thanks for letting me do the story, thank you because you make me feel loved.”

As evidenced by the numbers (and sales) the girl in the wound is raised – at least from the professional point of view, becoming a true pop star. On the other hand by the dark moments are born the album the most successful (we think Lemonade Beyoncé, when the former Destiny’s Child laid out in the public square in the dirty clothes of the family, or the betrayal of Jay-Z). The song Thank U, Next,today it counts more than 500 million of streaming on Spotify and more than 300 million views on YouTube, while 7 Rings (of which there is also a remix with 2Chainz), holds the world record for the most number of plays in the first day of release, well 14.966.544. Numbers that certify just 25 years, with three platinum albums, as one of the singers heard in the world. Of course, not without controversy.

7 Rings, for some, it would be a pot-pourri of sounds and words that are already known. The cry of plagiarism was raised instantaneous, but at the time no court has been called into question. Two rapper (Princess Nokia and Soulja Boy) have posted videos in the network by pointing the finger at the Big. Both, in fact, have felt robbed of rhymes and flow. But apart from the specific cases, after having even a view of rapping, someone has asked if it is more of cultural appropriation unlawful. Over the years Ariana has incorporated into his music elements of the culture of rap and r&b: the language (with words that come from a precise slang, rhythm, and collaboration (starting with Macy Gray and Nicki Minaj in Dangerous Woman); so much so that the legendary singer Patti LaBelle, during the delivery of a prize, he amicably referred to as a “little white girl black”. Definition that did not go down to those who essentially think that the singer does no more than take possession of a certain aesthetic without understanding black culture and without a fair share of the battles. Many have not liked the way in which it is slowly taken possession of the elements “kawaii” so much loved by the japanese. A style that – according to the great accusers – sfrutterebbe only for “the end of beauty” and to attract a certain type of audience.

But, disputes aside, the freedom typical of hip hop artists to release music whenever they feel the need (without having to follow the laws of the business), has done much good to the singer. Publish Thank U, Next, only six months after Sweetenerwas a decision the winner, even if the risk of a debacle in contention it was all there. So, with the disk just at the right time, Ariana has won the scepter of the pop: and now she is to establish the rules of the game. Colleagues and co-workers are notified.