Galilea Montijo makes the ugly Andrea Escalona in full program “Today”


During the broadcast of the program “Today” the last Tuesday of march 31, the beautiful and charismatic host Galilea Montijo caused a stir on social networks after make the ugly Andrea Escalona.

As part of a tribute to the Queen of Tex-Mex Selena Quintanillain the entertaining and fun section “Sing the word”, the drivers of Televisa recalled the great successes of the late singer.

Although there was a moment of tension when one of the drivers began to interpret the theme “If once”, but unexpectedly, his microphone started to fail, so that another presenter wanted to change yours.

Apparently Andrea Escalona wanted to help Galilea Montijo so that he could finish singing his song, but the daughter of Magda Rodriguez was with fear, hesitant to give the microphone to the host of the program “Today”.

And this was due because the production of the newspaper has taken the precautionary measures to ensure that drivers who come to the forum of Televisa not spread of the disease from the coronavirus.

The awkward moment of the conductive

Galilea Montijo to see the reaction that had her companion of the morning program, we became an indirect, which caused the other drivers to scoff at the daughter of the producer, while she was surprised by that awkward moment.

The embarrasing moment that she starred in Andrea Escalona, caused a stir on social networks, while other internet users began to criticize it for wanting to look like Selena Quintanilla featuring an iconic costume, as it was the only one that was characterized of the Queen of Tex-Mex.

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We recall that on various occasions the drivers of Televisa have been fighting in full transmission of the program “Today”, even though internet users have mentioned that they don’t want to Cut into the broadcast.

Photo: Instagram.