Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis and his wife welcome their daughter Mamie


The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, and his wife Casey welcomed the little Mamie, the new member of the family.

The happy news gave Casey in a post on your social networks –although he did not specify the date of the birth–and shared two adorable photos: one of the baby in the nursery, and another of it next to Ron, and their three children.

“Ron and I are more than blessed to welcome the world to our new baby, Mamie. With 7 pounds and 4 ounces was the smallest of the group, but is already defending. Madison and Mason are very excited about their new baby sister!”, he wrote in his account of Tuiter.

“Counting our blessings. Casey and the children are well”, tweeted for his part, the governor.

DeSantis, and Casey were married in 2010 and already are a large family with their children Madison, Mason and Mamie. The smaller has come at a time when his father is in function to protect the state and its inhabitants of the pandemic coronavirus that is affecting the world.

This morning held a press conference from the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, in which a station was built temporarily for testing of COVID-19.

During his speech, the governor gave the news of the birth of his daughter, and said that he had not been able to witness the birth because he had not wanted to enter the room and spend gowns, gloves and face mask that can be used to care for patients of coronavirus.

“It is surreal to be in a hospital at these times. No, I went to the delivery room because I didn’t want to spend computer. It was something a little sad, but my wife and I felt that was the right thing,” he said.

Florida is the sixth state most affected by the coronavirus in the united States, with five thousand 704 cases and 71 deaths.