‘Harry Potter At Home’, the project of J. K. Rowling to entertain us for the coronavirus


J. K. Rowling has a new spell to you that you will not get bored in quarantine, but as here the majority are mere muggles, we put things easy with another website. The author of the boy who survived has just released http://harrypotterathome.com”>harrypotterathome.com a portal to entertain and encourage students, faculty, and fans during the crisis of the coronavirus. In reality, this is a new section within the ‘Magical World‘, the franchise that includes the entire universe share books, movies, video games, and other derivatives of the saga “https://www.ecartelera.com/Harry Potter’. As described on the website, ‘Harry Potter At Home’ do you want to “to help bring a little magic to our everyday lives”. Like being in Hogwarts but from home.

“Fathers, mothers, teachers and tutors who work to keep the children entertained and interested while we are locked may need a bit of magic, so I am delighted to launch ‘Harry Potter house'”announced Rowling from your Twitter account.

And as you can read in the presentation of the website, this project is a team effort, combining the resources of the publishing houses of the United Kingdom and the united States, Pottermore, WizardingWorld.com and other companies that deal with the dissemination of the stories of the young wizard. Within the page there will be articles, games, puzzles, videos, activities, and the audiobook of “https://www.ecartelera.com/Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone’ to listen to for free as many times as you want for six weeks in two versions, English from England and american English with the voice of Stephen Fry.

Harry Potter

For teachers and professors

Thinking especially of the teaching staff, which now exercises as you can, from home, Rowling offers a special license to read the 7 books of ‘Harry Potter’ to their students in a loud voice through the Internet, that is to say, they can be recorded reading the novels complete and send them to the boys and girls.

The first book in the series was published over 20 years ago and during the 1 April, birthday in addition to the twins Weasley, it has also released a digital version available in over 20 languages which you can “take borrowed” from the digital library Overdrive. I guess now we can only grab the pen and the parchment and discover that home we just send the hat to select.