Has appeared. Antonio David was very worried for him. Save me breathe easier


April 01, 2020
(10:15 CET)

Antonio David, Victor Sandoval, Rafa Mora, Antonio Montero or Kiko Matamoros, are the partners who have been at the forefront of the format during this quarantine with Jorge Javier Vázquez to the front. The rest of the pundits remain confined in their homes. Despite this, the program connects every day with them through video calls. Only one of them I had not connected in no time: Kiko Hernández.

But the collaborator wanted to Save me not to connect during these weeks with the program has been aware of everything that happened. The intervention of the speaker through a video call has not defrauded anyone. He wanted to give his opinion regarding the controversy that surrounds Lydia Lozano and Alejandra Rubio, but has also given some hints, short, of such as are living this quarantine with her two small daughters.

Kiko Hernández from your homeThe collaborator is single father of April and Jimena, two twins of three years old, they were born for gestational surrogacy in California. For the sake of them and because there was no one else at home to take care of them, Kiko Hernández not returned to the set when they were left without a school in Madrid.

The tertullian has been opened up and trying to help viewers go through the same situation has weighed the pros and cons of being a single parent of two twin daughters in the midst of this health crisis. Hernandez has focused more on the pros. “My daughters are 3 years and this time he is coming on very well with them because we hadn’t spent so much time together never before”, he confessed to Jorge Javier Vázquez, who was listening intently from a film set. It is true that the contributor has never been absent to your appointment to Save me, nor in its daily version, or in its deluxe version. In addition he had now accepted new professional opportunities that he had throughout the busy day.

Now to him the most important thing is his family and promises that she will return but it will do so in the moment that is not harmful to their daughters. So it is very likely that the delay in seeing him occupy his chair of Save me.