He’s fed up. Antonio David does not know where to mess. Explodes against Save me and all Telecinco


31 march 2020
(11:33 CET)

It’s over. No longer thinks to let co-workers as Antonio David, or the presenter, Jorge Javier Vázquez, keep talking and elucubrando about your break up with Adara. Gianmarco has put the record straight and has managed to be more spoken than the coronavirus. The Italian decided to put an end to the relationship he had with Adara and hard-secure to find a few messages on his mobile with the other guys.

The contestant of GH VIP 7 quickly returned to Italy to be with his family in these difficult times. The young man appeared to live in Save me via a video call. He decided to enter direct-to clarify some lies that are telling you about the breakup and about him.


“I am tired of the lies they are telling you. Mediaset had given me the veto by the quarantine. I came back from Italy in march without a job to be with her. The only reason I have left my family, everything, my friends, was for being with Adara”, said the Italian.

Jorge Javier Vázquez is not what he believed and Gianmarco was upset even more when Miguel Frigenti, new partner of Save me, dropped that Gianmarco could be jealous of the success of Adara. “She has a channel on Mtmad and he did not”.

Gianmarco denied and continued to ensure that I was in Spain I only and exclusively by Adara. During these days, to start to get names of possible people that Adara would have been unfaithful to Gianmarco. Julian, Region, and Alberto Santana.