Hollywood gives up the summer of 2020, to open the cinemas or not


In the middle of a crisis epidemiological, the week has begun with a sharp blow to the box office of 2020: Sony, one of the great Hollywood studios, has been delayed seven releases planned for the coming months. Between them, their bets summer ‘Peter Rabbit 2: the leak’, ‘Morbius’, and ‘Ghostbusters: beyond’, which now will be, predictably, at the beginning of 2021. “Sony Pictures abandons 2020 by the coronavirus”, titled Vanity Fair.

'Minions: The origin of Gru'

The radical movement of Sony indicates, among other things, that Hollywood is giving up for lost, the box office summer of this year. In Variety what they say clearly: “Despedíos of the season of the blockbusters, at least for this year”. In an unprecedented situation that is forcing the population to be confined in their homes or, at least, avoid the crowds, it is likely that the theaters do not re-fill until within a few months. And the large studies are not intended to put their productions more expensive in summer without public.

Universal has delayed the ‘Minions: The origin of Gru’, whose post-production process has been stopped by the COVID-19, and has moved the premiere of ‘Fast & Furious 9’ to 2021. Disney has cancelled the arrival of ‘Mulan’ and ‘Black Widow’ at the meeting, without announcing a new date. Warner Bros is somewhat more optimistic, moving ‘Wonder Woman ‘1984’ from June to August, while that ‘Tenet’, the new Christopher Nolan, is still planned for the 17th of July. For the time being.

Hollywood execs are hoping that the crisis of the coronavirus is go scattering to begin to make decisions. Be blockbusters that need a large amount of benefits to be profitable, it discards both its hits theaters in a season of public as their premiere live on streaming platforms. Jeff Block, an analyst with Exhibitor Relations, I explained to The Wrap: “There may be some low-budget films that the studios themselves make their debut in this period of recovery, but the assistance and the benefits for both the movies as the movies that the exhibit will be a small part of what one would expect mid-summeror when you finish the quarantine”.

'Minions: The origin of Gru'

Bad news for cinemas, which are already being hit hard by the downturn in activity. 40% of the box office yearly is usually concentrated in the months of may to August, a season that produced only in the united States 4,000 million dollars. An amount of money not to be spent in 2020.

Even if you flatten out the curve of contagion, and countries begin to lift up their measures to prevent the pandemic, Hollywood is reluctant to release these big productions this summer. The case of China, opening up the cinemas to re-close them down, has been very significant time of uncertainty that we will live for months. Only a vaccine is unlikely to reverse the situation. And there is that the public will not be released to the movie theaters when they lift the quarantine. According to a study published in Variety49% of americans would take a few months to return to the cinemas for fear of the conglomeraciones and infection.

To date, there are some movies keep their release: ‘Soul’, the new Pixar would come in mid-June, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, that Paramount was scheduled for the end of that month, and ‘Tenet’. But it is expected to announce its delay in the next few weeks, when it is confirmed that the current situation is going to long.

Domino effect

The most optimistic are hoping that the desert billboard summer give way to a last quarter of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 very full house. To begin with, the downturn in activity is causing a domino effect productions: are the completed films not released, but also the films that are not going to be able to completed in time for its scheduled date, in addition to all the productions in development that will be stopped in its early stages.

Block sees a light at the end of the tunnel. “If the studies are not canibalizan each other, it is possible that the winter and 2021 to live a period of prosperity very large”says the analyst, anticipating a work of cooperation between the distributors to reposition their new releases. “The sad thing is that we don’t know how many movie theaters will survive to see it”.