“Horror!”. So was Rosalie with the nose without work: Attention!


31 march 2020
(14:40 CET)

Rosalia it has become a phenomenon that transcends already the limits of the purely musical. While it is true that it is in that industry where Catalan is gaining more and more name and where it can boast of being one of the artists of the moment, in the networks and everything related to the fashion and aesthetics it is also one of the references.

A Rosalia which, yes, has been on more than one occasion over a stick for their costumes. And it is not that it is precisely a woman who opts for discretion, not in his concerts or in his day-to-day.


We just need to keep an eye on their social networks to see how much you like to the Rosalia the brilli brilli and that mix of glamour with a touch very “choni”, as you criticize many.

The photo of Rosalia before the surgery

And it is there where their followers tend to attack it, for the cosmetic portion. Taking into account that in music little is you can reproach to the Catalan, many choose to go by their physical or by their tastes to dress to the time of trying to leave it out of soils.

The case is that now your haters have decided to go a step further and circulate an image that appears in the Rosalia some years ago, and in which, according to many, the of San Esteve Sesrovires had not been operated on the nose.


A picture that corresponds, in fact, the casting failed staged the singer in a talent show television Spain. Some will say that the jury was not precisely a lot of view. Others, who just at that time didn’t have the voice you have today.


In any case, the comments have focused on his nose. And eye because they have not been few. From “Horror!” to “my Mother is that Rosalie?” passing by “he has done more than well in operation” or “One of the best changes I’ve seen in my life.”