“I believe we will win”, the anthem world Pitbull to fight against the coronavirus


In the midst of the global crisis in many countries because of the spread of coronavirusthe american singer Pitbull wanted to raise his voice to combat the pandemic using as via one of the branches of art that joy transmits to the people: the music.

Mister 305 have everything prepared to throw a hymn to the world to fight against the COVID – 19-under the title I believe we will winthat will provide good vibes, encouragement, and support to the listeners in these hard times thanks to his dance tune, and sticky.

To go warming up the engine before the premiere, the artist shared a preview on their social networks of the video clip that will be presented to the simple. With the city of Miami as a backdrop, the artist is willing to sing to the pandemic and to encourage the whole world through the lyrics of his song.

“If there is any time to see the world, it is now,” he said. “Now is when we take the fear and not is forget everything and run. Is face everything and rise”, commented Pitbull in the audiovisual.

Also, Mister Worldwide he wanted to make a nod to his hometown of Miami and use it in the subject as a flag, since from very small your city has always inculcated the spirit of struggle and overcoming. In his presentation, Pitbull also made a call to the union in these difficult times and keep you always active and ready to fight with intelligence and sense of reason.

“Miami has taught me to fight, and I want to give it to the entire world at this time. Now is when we must remain united. We have to fight hard, to show how powerful it is when we come together, ” he added.

Of time Pitbull has not released the exact date that it will launch believe we will win, but judging by the message which he has conveyed to his fans through his brief advancement, it seems that the song will lift your spirits more than one time of quarantine by the coronavirus.