I Chocolate opens new home! The reguetonero teaches its fans how it is on the inside


Chocolate MC is premiere, but this time it has nothing to do with his music, but with a new family project that is sure to bring more of a joy to own.

Yosvanis Arismín Sierra Hernandez, real name of the popular reguetonero cubano, has moved to a new house next to his bride Daine and her small daughter Odainys, in which the insurance will begin to create unforgettable memories and live peacefully as a happy family.

The King of the reparteros has become known to all their followers, the congratulations of your new acquisition through its profile of Instagram with pictures where you can see the residence both from your inside as your outside.

First of all, Chocolate MC released a short video on your wall of the above-mentioned social network in which appears a moving truck outside the home and gave to his fans a quick overview of everything that is part of the entrance of the home, which features a small garden that gives a warm welcome to the guests.

“My new home”, he added as location to the publication.

In addition to the post, the interpreter of Bajanda went to the stories section of your account other videos that taught how to is the house inside. Chocolate MC he gave the curious a little virtual tour which shows each of the rooms and spaces that make up the residence.

As can be seen, the new home of the singer urban and his family has a wide distribution that both he and Daine will be able to take advantage of to play freely with Odainys for each corner.

Also, we can see that the home has several bathrooms and rooms, as well as a living room-dining room-kitchen that, although it is currently full of boxes, of course, the artist of reggaeton and his girl amueblarán and will accommodate to your taste by giving her own personal touch.

As the home of all artists, could not miss the dressing room, in which Chocolate MC you can hang and organize your costly clothes, and clothing designers to high-end.

Before moving to this new residence, reguetonero and his followers lived in a tiny apartment where, until recently, have been sharing family moments as was the celebration of the birthday of his father-in-law in full quarantine for the coronavirus.

What do you think of the new house of the king of The reparteros?