I program in danger! “Jorge Javier Vázquez the strike.” You just know this


31 march 2020
(11:57 CET)

Survivors in danger and it is not by the statements of Isabel Pantoja. “Jorge Javier Vázquez unemployment”, they say. Returns to talk about his possible termination by fault of the coronavirus. The The Foreign minister said that repatriaría to all spaniards who are in Honduras, among all of them are the contestants of the reality and the entire team of over 120 people that makes this possible. The intention is to guarantee security against the pandemic coronavirus that has already claimed thousands of lives. So he did, but not with the technical team of Survivors, who remained in Honduras, making it possible for the program, as counted from production.

Jorge Javier Vázquez

Right now there are in Honduras 125 Spanish people working in the team of Survivors. Despite the fact that in a first moment, diplomatic sources said that the producer of the programme had requested the repatriation of his team, minutes later matizaba his words.

By the time it is insisted that the program has not called for evacuation, but the embassy is in contact with them at all times. Though from the field warn that the solution is for the rest of the spaniards it will be the same for the program team. Therefore the continuation of the reality hangs by a thread.

With the complicated situation, now the authorities could decide whether to evacuate or not, like it or not like the direction of the program and to the chain. Despite the fact that the security there is ensured, the working conditions are becoming more difficult by the crisis of global health.

The computer program could see as he clipped some resources such as the use of helicopters or boats. Therefore the space would be more limited and it would be impossible to leave the island. As described Readingsto this is added that some relatives and friends of the team Survivors are in Spain, 8,000 kilometres of Honduras, suffering from coronavirus, which multiplies the concern and undermines the morale of the members of the group.

The contestants expelled are confined in the hotel that hosts the team of Survivors unable to return to Spain.