It’s the biggest scandal of Telecinco! Adara against Gianmarco. And he gets in the way


Adara and Gianmarco

April 01, 2020
(14:39 CET)

Adara and Gianmarco are the authentic protagonists of this third week of confinement. The quarantine has worn down to the couple and both have decided to put point and end to the love story that so much time will cost to consolidate. According to the Italian, Adara she has been unfaithful with other men. Apparently on his mobile, he saw conversations with other people. Among them Feature.

The winner of GH VIP 7 said that that is a lie and has given an interview to the magazine Readings for clarification. The contestant has wished to uncover all the alleged lies of his former spouse, as the explanation that you gave for leaving the house in Madrid, which they spent together in quarantine.

First it tells me that you are going because your family has a problem. I was superasustada. And then put on networks that goes because I’ve been unfaithful. It is very strong. One day I woke up and had done the suitcases. Disappeared”.

Adara confesses that both of them discussed the day before. They made peace and I thought that everything was cleared up. Now you do not understand anything. “I asked a thousand apologies, I have not done anything wrong, that is clear“. Ensures that it has maintained a conversation with Feature, but at no time had intentions of staying with him.

“I’m destrozadísima, desperate, I don’t deserve it! I’ve cried a lot. I’m very disappointed with him. Will it cost Me to much to assimilate to this”, they confide in the interview.

Master Joao has spoken loud and clear of Adara and Gianmarco. The seer appeared with both in the GH VIP 7 and became good friends, especially of the winner. However your opinion has changed radically. “No longer is my friend, let me down a lot”, she began saying Joao, for after confessing “I’ve been very bad with all this and I have cried for the contempt that I have done.”

master joao speaks about adara