Jennifer Lawrence is the your wedding table on Amazon and to the public!


Jennifer Lawrence: her wedding table at Amazon is open to the public, and the support of the Amazon rain forest.





Jennifer Lawrence he shared his wedding table about Amazona choice seemingly curious, in reality, she wears an initiative in favour of the environment.

The young actress has finally found true love, saw that she marry with the gallery, Cooke Maroney, with the has announced their engagement last February. In cooperation with Amazon, Jennifer Lawrence has decided to share with his fans a part of his fantastic wedding table at Amazon: “Planning a wedding is so exciting, but it can be overwhelming. For everyone needs a little inspiration, I thought it would be fun to share the collaboration with Amazon, some of my favorite items. It is so easy, and you can find everything you need in one place.”

Like inspiration from the Hollywood star? Sure can’t strive to have a ceremony by fairy tales, such as we are sure his marriage, but with this list, everyone can have the gifts of hollywood, such as the ones you get, Jennifer Lawrence.

Through the choice of published on Amazon, to support the The Amazon Rain Foreston the ground, destroyed by the terrible fire a few weeks ago, Jennifer Lawrence, so he can try to inspire their fans, and you, our planet, help from brava to environmentalists, what is. Above all, tries to help, who, how, you need to organize to your wedding. From the selected objects, you are very much his taste in furniture and accessories for home, a selection of elegant and sophisticated, but also useful.

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The actress has decided to divide the decisions into thematic sections that give tips to anyone who will use his list. The objects are according to category, for example, useful things for the kitchen, for on-the-go and for happy hour with friends: “I love to invite people to my home. If it is a few friends, or a big dinner, here are a few key things are, to be sure you give your guests everything you need”

What to expect? You can also find it in the list of the wedding of Jennifer Lawrence and be inspired for your wedding!