Joseph Gordon-Levitt celebrates the anniversary of ’10 reasons to hate you’ with a photo of the cast

The march 31, 1999 came to the cinemas of the united States ’10 reasons to hate you’, a romantic comedy led by Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger, who also had Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the cast of protagonists. The actor, who became Cameron James in the movie from Gil Junger, who has agreed to it in the twenty-first anniversary of its premiere, and has taken the opportunity to post a photo of the cast all together.

We were all friends and we spent a lot of time together that summer. I only have love for those wonderful memories of when I did the moviefeatures Gordon-Levitt in the message next to the photo, that is the same that he shared three years ago its companion of cast Gabrielle Union. She also recalls with great affection for having been his first role, and called to his companions “the best/most cool/most generous group of people with which to share my first experience in the film industry”.

10 reasons to hate you

’10 reasons to hate you’ is based on ‘the taming of The shrew’ by William Shakespeare. The character of Joseph Gordon-Levitt wants to go out with Bianca, the character of Larisa Oleynik, but it has as an obstacle to the authoritarian father of Bianca. For that theirs does not seem to do so, liará the bad-boy (Heath Ledger) with the sister of Bianca (Julia Stiles). The film went on to become series in 2009.

What next for Joseph Gordon-Levitt

You can find ’10 reasons to hate you’, streaming on Disney+. Joseph Gordon-Levitt you will be able to see him at the end of the year in the new Aaron Sorkin, ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’, based on the true story of seven men accused of inciting the riots that took place in Chicago during the Democratic National Convention.

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