Julión Álvarez: do not dare to “reach out” to this famous


The singer of regional mexican, Julión Álvarez, had an interview very deep with the Scorpion Gold, who told her secrets and emotions which you have kept since a while ago, since the FBI accused him of money laundering.

In that sense, the lead singer of the Northern Band he confessed the whole truth, and between the secrets it revealed, he said to that woman you would like to reach, but not in a romantic manner, but to do a musical duet, and it is Laura Pausini.

The singer of “Mary” said that after his participation in The Voice, with Laura Pausini, the friendship was strengthened in an impressive manner, and earned a great friend that appreciates, for which, no doubt he would have liked to share the stage with her, although she now gives it a lot outstanding that she might refuse, or that, on the contrary, to accept, but this will bring complications.

And is that you have to remember that the native of Chiapas, was sued by the U.s. government for money laundering, so that when his music career was on a high, was cut short, finishing projects, and garnishing your property, even without being able to use bank accounts and cash only.

Will it be possible for the duet with Laura Pausini?

During the video, The Scorpion Gold asks Julión Álvarez that it did not believe that the duo may be possible, if both are living, to which the singer answered that I would like to affect the career of Laura Pausini, because he knows that his situation with the united States is complicated.

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By now the interpreter “Between you and thousand seas” has not given any position on the issue, but has always expressed how much I love Mexico, and how well it was spent working on The Voice with Julión Alvarez and the other coaches.