Last time. Bertin Osborne the lia in the last 24 hours. Terrible blow

bertin osborne cries

31 march 2020
(14:08 CET)

It was necessary to the discourse of Bertin Osborne the face of the crisis of global health. The host of My house is yours has become to be pronounced in their social networks, where it is not very active, but when they do the burns. The singer has put in value the work of the health and the Forces and bodies of security of the State. But he has not forgotten to throw a jab at the current Government, which is not very compatible.

“Hello to you all. Today I’m not here to criticize anyone or anything because there will be time when you pass this disaster to ask for responsibilities to all those who have made of this pandemic, a catastrophe”, has begun pointing from his home. “I’m here to tell you that we are a big country”said after.

The collaborator has praised the great work of health personnel in these days are difficult, as well as what to do with a shortage of material. “When I see on tv those sanitary-wrapped in garbage bags to prevent the infection, more than shame, which also produces shame to many, I see it’s a big country”, has claimed.

He also referred to the initiatives of the neighbors that come out every evening to the balcony to acknowledge the work of essential employees. “When you see all those people on the balconies playing the guitar, singing, cheering up the neighbors, I see a big country”.

“Armed forces who have asked that were not a part of Spain because they were infected, they have gone and what they have done is desinfectarles. When you see the Guardia Civil and the National Police force trying to prevent us contagiemos, risking their own health, this shows that we are a big country”says the presenter.

To finish, a message to the Government of Pedro Sanchez: “The only thing I want is to congratulate the Spanish, which are far above of those who lead us circumstantially. Thank you. We are a huge country and I want to provide for all the spaniards that we keep in the house as one helping this to end as soon as possible, despite all of us going.”

By these last words of his speech, the criticisms have not been made wait. Some followers have been reminded when in 2003 he was sentenced to tax fraud. In 2016, liquidated its debt with the Treasury, of 5 million euros.

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