“Laughs at her”. Rocío Carrasco in the spotlight. “Das shame”


rocío carrasco

31 march 2020
(12:11 CET)

Rocío Carrasco is going to always be in the spotlight, and more from Antonio David has irrupted with force in Telecinco. The contestant of GH VIP 7 became a partner to Save me and his daughter, Rocío Flores, a survivor. The former civil guard traveling into the past to remember some of the moments, all of them bad lived with Rocío Carrasco. The daughter of Rocío Jurado is not in a good place.

Antonio David Flores and Rocio Carrasco were married in the chapel of The Virgin of the march 31, 1996. With this link they put the finishing touch to a beautiful story of young love that ended with the relationship of the young person and their family dynamited. Did not see with good eyes the presence of the partner of Save me, now want to with madness.

After 24 years and estranged from who was his wife, Antonio David has remembered in Save as it was on that day. The most criticized of the link at that time was the wedding dress of Rocío Carrasco, too excessive, for a young man of just 19 years. In a playful tone, Antonio David recognized in Sálvame that the own Rocío said that you’d be surprised when you see her in a wedding dress: “I was surprised,” he recalled.

rocío carrasco wedding

“It was all a fright, do not you think a fright when you saw it in a wedding dress?”ask him Jorge Javier Vázquez openly. “I thought it was another person, I was blown away. Wearing contact lenses blue, nails as Rosalia…”.

Still don’t understand as the worn form so bloated, it was not necessary given their beauty. “At that time, Dew was so beautiful that it was not necessary to go so bloated, it was not necessary to go as well”said

Antonio David spoke with the designer in his time, and it told him that it was all idea of the wedding. So I wanted to go to her. A long time ago that the contributor did not see Rocío Carrasco dressed as a bride and admits that what he remembered worse. The defenders of Rocío Carrasco and Jury will stack on top. “You you shame on you” or “you’re finished”.