Lis Vega starred a sensual dirty dancing, for showing off their rear


Lis Vega know how to call the attention of the social networks, so in this occasion it has made its name become a trend to share a new video in your account Instagram where is the protagonist a sensual dirty dancing, and wags your huge rear.

Considered as one of the women most ardent of the mexican television, Lis Vega it is characterized by the exquisite sensuality that has been squandered in the display through the different projects in which he has participated and in which he has excelled for his talent.

Today, she is focused on positioning his career as a singer and has used its official account of Instagram to promote it through burning content where boasts the stunning figure that has at 42 years of age, which has been preserved thanks to life fitness which constantly promotes.

Lis Vega starred a sensual dirty dancing, for showing off your rear.

Dirty dancing, Lis Vega raises the temperature

There is No denying that Lis Vega has managed to find a way to highlight about the new artists and keep on keeping on with the taste of the people, and for that reason wanted to convert your account from Instagram in a daring catalogues of images that constantly challenges the censorship.

On this occasion we have been able to delight the pupil with a gritty, dirty dancing, that Lis Vega has starred in the pace of Safaera, song of the second album by Bad Bunny has been to put everyone to dance in a way sensual and today we have proved it with the movements of the cuban.

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Lis Vega starred a sensual dirty dancing, for showing off your rear.

Lis Vega appears dancing in front of the lens of the camera in a tight white pants that outlines the great curves that has their rear but the best part comes when the famous actress performs a few movements that is sure to have gone mad at the knights, who have declared their fans number one.

Photos: Instagram @lisvega