Live the fairy tale premiered “Identity”


The popular series of cuban television Live the story comes with a new chapter to make laugh their spectators with the adventures of Pamphilus Epiphanius, and their dear neighbors.

This new episode, uploaded to the YouTube channel Pamphilus and More, was premiered in the small screen of the country last Monday, march 30, under the title Identity.

In this new episode, the nephew of Rupert asks Panfilo Epiphanius to help you with a work of Social Communication on the cuban identity, a project which is joined to also Checkbook, and his uncle, bringing his comings on the characteristics of cubans.

On the other hand, Pamphilus Epiphanius begins to have problems with the refrigerator when the technician that was at your house trying to fix the appliance tells you that you need a new compressor to be able to start again the engine.

After hearing the news, Panfilo Epiphanius falls into a deep depression, and when you try to buy a new machine, refrigerator to Evarista, who had a few on the black market, but she sold them all to other neighbors.

To be able to alleviate his sorrows, the old man locks himself in his house and not let anyone visit him. Stops to be fixed and spend the day crying in the corner of your home without ceasing to think in your refrigerator. Even, has a dream in which you all go to the cemetery to bury the appliance as if a family member is treated.

Before the sudden change of Pamphilus Epiphanius, friends in the neighborhood they begin to worry and to try to find a solution that gets you out of your terrible rut sentimental.

To do this, Cachita, Rupert, Checkbook, and Chacon will lead to Pamphilus Epiphanius by surprise at his home the popular psychologist Calviño of the program of the cuban television is worth it for that, without realizing it, we make a therapy that will help you out of depression.

How will the teacher Calviño lift the spirits of Pamphilus? Don’t miss the latest installment of Live the story.