Luis Silva and family are added to the applause of the staff, cuban health care for his work against the coronavirus


The comedian cuban Luis Silva continues to delight his followers with some of the moments that you are living in the house next to yours during the quarantine because of the spread of the coronavirus in Cuba.

After giving an example of responsibility and awareness when you share a video in which we celebrate the birthday of his daughter Pilar from the confinement of your home without friends or other members of the family, now the actor has released another audio-visual material in your wall that has thrilled more than a fan.

In charge of giving life to the popular character of Panfilo Epiphanius in the series for the cuban television Live the storyhave joined together to his wife and children to the nice initiative to clap at nine in the night from the windows and balconies of the homes in honor of the hard work being done by the health professionals in the centers of a hospital during the battle against the COVID – 19.

“Applause cubans to all the staff of health of Cuba and the world. Fighting against the pandemic of the coronavirus,” wrote Silva along with the material.

As can be seen in the audiovisual, Silva shows how they lived applause from some points of the capital, in the Nuevo Vedado neighbourhood, or the 10 de Octubre municipality, where he resides with his family.

However, this nice gesture also lived in other places of The Havana, since last Sunday, at the same time of night, they heard applause from the massive form in many other neighborhoods in gratitude to the doctors, nurses and all health care staff who are facing face-to-face against the COVID – 19.

This beautiful initiative started to develop and to take more force in Spainone of the countries most affected by the coronavirus.

In the Iberian peninsula has been taking place every day since they declared the State of Alarm makes a little more than two weeks and it has been seen, moreover, as workers in the public service, such as police officers, have joined together also to give thanks to with the sound of the sirens of their cars, both to health workers and to all those who are leaving the skin in the fight against the pandemic.

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