Maluma presents to his mannequin female to pass the quarantine


Like millions of citizens around the world, Maluma it is also found in quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But the closure has not prevented the colombian has continued with its regular activity in social networks, where has brought out his great sense of humor.

The Pretty Boy said farewell this weekend to the platinum blonde and showed his new makeover, with the celebration of the 50 million followers of Instagram, a figure that crowns it as one of the latino artists and more fans of the platform. The young man posed with a glass of wine, his head shaved and smiling to the camera and expressed in the description of the photo: “50 million families in Instagram. Health and life, my people.”

After showing off what a good that fits this new hairstyle, reguetonero wanted to present to the world the company that is going through these days of confinement. And the truth is, anyone would think that it would be of friends, family or even the young with which it has been linked the last few months, the Russian model Vivien Rubin. But none of that.

The interpreter Happy the four has submitted neither more nor less, than a feminine wrist totally realistic.

“Now if I present my company to this quarantine, little thing beautiful,” he wrote alongside the video, in which he demonstrates to the mannequin-like woman with a bathing cap.

“I have called a friend to not go this Sunday only. What is the present?”, he says to the camera before spinning the mobile and display the mannequin, which happens the hand by the neck and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Screenshot Instagram / Maluma

Before this occurrence the artist, his followers have not been able to avoid laughing, getting to get a smile to more than one in these times of uncertainty. Something which is welcome given the circumstances.