Mario Bautista sends indirect after controversial indictment about sexual abuse

Mario Bautista you are passing a controversial moment as it is undergoing a strong indictment against him on sexual abuse of minors to date, however, the young man has not given interviews.

In your account of Instagram, Mario posted a photo with the following text in the photo caption:

“And in the silence you will find peace, calm and clarity of thought, there are people who do not have silence in your life and that is dangerous…”.

Mario Bautista broke the silence

This message could be sent to people who assert that the popular singer is guilty of the terrible acts for which he is to blame.

The accusations are very serious and be certain that the young artist could even end up in jail because, according to what they tell the youth is that they were at a party with the famous in where there was drug and this the wanted to force to perform sexual acts.

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For its part, the fans of Mario Bautista showed his support and told the singer that no matter what happens always continue to be their followers.

The fans of Mario support

Here are a couple of comments from the young people.

“I want to q know q we will always be with you in good times and in bad always together Mario”

“We will always be here for you”

“We are with you always”

“The right words”

In addition, Mario also placed an official statement on her Twitter account, where we read that the young man will take legal actions against the media that published the information, because this is an act of defamation.

Without a doubt this is one of the pólemicas stronger in the that has been involved with the famous Mario Bautista.