Millie Bobby Brown became an actress for “Hannah Montana”


The tv series “Hannah Montana” Disney Channel definitely was a show that impacted thousands of children and young people throughout the world. Even the young actress and model of british, Millie Bobby Brown. The star of “Stranger Things” said that it was thanks to the character of Miley Cyrus that she decided to become an actress.

During a chat on Instagram, Millie Bobby Brown of 16 years told her she was a fan of “Hannah Montana”. The show starring the actress and singer Miley Cyrus it really helped Millie to “adopt” the american accent, something that has helped her a lot in her acting career.

And is that the star of “Stranger Things” confessed that to be a faithful follower of Miley, she wanted to be like her. Even as a child, Millie Bobby Brown wanted to do the same thing I did “Hannah Montana”; as she was growing gave account that in reality the work of Cyrus was to act, and so it was that Millie decided that she wanted to be an actress.

Millie even revealed to Miley during his talk live on Instagram that she had no idea that you could earn money performing. Now, both actresses were able to talk as if it were friends, this would be the dream of anyone who was a fan of “Hannah Montana”.

Millie Bobby Brown continues to climb in the action

The young british Millie Bobby Brown, since childhood, became a star of the action, thanks to its participation in the series of Netflix “Strange Things”. Currently it is a promise of the industry of film and television and a fashion icon.

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While Miley Cyrus to his 27 years has been dedicated more to the music after leaving his role of “Hannah Montana”. His series of interviews called “Bright Minded” that performs on Instagram, has revealed great details of your life and the lives of other celebrities.